Youth Card : Beginning from 2018 young people will benefit from various services at reduced cost.

By January 2018, youths aged 15 to 35 years will benefit from a wide range of services offered at reduced costs. This announcement is from the Minister of Youth Affairs Mounouna Foutsou who on 15 December 2017, held a "youth card presentation meeting in Yaounde.
To benefit from these low-cost services, a young person must own a youth card. This tool will enable youths throughout the 10 regions of Cameroon to benefit from health, transport, housing, tourism and voluntary insurance. services.

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According to Mr. Armand Mveme Atangana, National Coordinator of the National Youth Observatory (NYO), "It is planned that in the long term, this youth card will give its owners the opportunity to benefit from nearly 600 services. But for the time being, it gives access to training in entrepreneurship and management in multipurpose youth empowerment centres, voluntary insurance, moral and civic rearmament, holiday internships or funding of youth projects.

Available as of January 2018, this youth card will be valid for 5 years and entitle its owner to needs and services. Young people will have to register at the National Youth Observatory to enjoy the advantages associated with this card. It is worth noting that this youth card was designed for purposes of meeting the expectations of the Three-year “Special-Youth” Plan.
At the end of the meeting with the Minister of Youth Affaires, a specimen of the youth card was showcased. Following this presentation, observations were made and recommendations given for the production and availability of this youth card within the prescribed deadline.

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