Innovations of the Three-years "Special Youth" Plan

The three-year "special youth" plan is an innovative instrument announced by the Head of State following his address to youths on February 10 2015. It is a major instrument by which the State aims at instilling more dynamism to its action to facilitate the integration of youths. It gives an in depth analyses of several innovative ideas by which the government intends to accelerate and facilitate the socio economically integrate youths in line with the vision of the State towards the Cameroon’s emergence come 2035. These ideas include:

First, the creation of the National Youth Observatory seated at all Multi-Purpose Youth Empowerment Centres. This organ aims at getting an inventory of all youths throughout the national territory by their getting registered to the said organ either through their physically presence to the said structures or on line. The said registration is the first step by which Cameroon youths of all walks of life qualify to have ideas developed and financed by MINJEC. This platform is a much welcomed innovation in the eyes of a great majority of Cameroonians.

Secondly, the Three-year "Special Youth" Plan bring along with it the National Youth Insertion Fund. This is some sort of a bank or fund aimed at financing and supervising feasible and well mounted projects by youths, with the objective of making them autonomous in the short as well as in the long term. It facilitates the acquisition of funds when need arises which was not that easy in the previous disposition. This goes alongside strict scrutiny and follow up of youths in order to ensure that their objectives of being autonomous is achieved as well as ensuring the attainment of the multiplier effect.

Thirdly, the three-year "Special Youth" Plan bring along a key innovation to PAJER-U. It provides for specialisation by making it possible that youth with skills and ingenious ideas but who lack what it takes to put such resources into practise are directed to professional structures wherein they can continue their professional development toward maturity and autonomy. The said professional structures or organs who possess the necessary expertise will continue grooming such youths until the attainment of necessary maturity required alongside their getting of the much needed resources required to become autonomous. This is a major innovation by which the said plan acts like a monitoring and grooming instruments for youth specialisation.

The restructuring of PAJER-U has conducted the putting in place of the following projects:
- project for the grooming of young moto-bike riders on civic education and socio economic insertion (MOTO-TAXI SERVICES)
- project on clusters and agricultural production (AGRIC Services)
The project on the mobilisation and installation of youths in the domains of ICTs through the Reference Centre on Technological Innovations (EMERGENCE IT)
- project for the mobilisaton and the installation of youths in the profession of mobile phones through the DIGITAL YOUTH SERVICE CENTER (DYSC)
- The mobilisation and installation of youths in the professions of ICT through the Cameroon International Certification House and Outsourcing (CICHO)
- Clusters of Agricultural production (VETO Services)
- Clusters on forestry and wood (Forêts services)
- project on the promotion of Juniors Entreprises post formation
- project on the mobilisation and installation of youths in the transformation and conservation of local products (PMI jeunes)
- project on the mobilisation and installation of youth promoters in the fields of BTP through the transformation of local products-he project on the mobilisation and installation of youths in fast food and its accessories (chaine de RESTO Jeunes);
- project on PAJAM SERVICES (kiosque artisans d’art)
- project on PAJAM SERVICES: (shoe mending…)
- project on the de mobilisation and installation of youths in the fields of renewable energy
- Operationnalisation of the project ‘d’Aide au Retour’ and youth insertion in the Diaspora (PARI-JEDI).

Last, but not the least, the Three-year "Special Youth" plan" is bringing along a mass educative project on civic education as well as national integration (PEPCIN). The Three-year "Special Youth" plan will finally ensure the rehabilitation and construction of infrastructures aimed at grooming youths.

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M. MOUNOUNA FOUTSOU Ministre de la Jeunesse et de l'Education Civique,

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