Three-year "Special Youth" Plan : Context for the launching of the capacity building seminar

injs minjecAs part of the celebration of the golden anniversary of the Youth Day, and on the occasion of his address to the youths on 10 February 2016, the Head of State, President of the Republic His Excellency Paul BIYA instructed the Government on the implementation of the Three-Year "Special youth" Plan for the facilitation and acceleration of youth integration with a 102 billion budget, a golden jubilee gift to the youths from the Head of State.

In this context, the Three-Year "Special Youth" Plan appears as the major instrument by which the Government intends to give more dynamism to its action to facilitate the integration of young people. In line with the objectives of sustainable development, the aim is to strengthen the contribution of young people to the implementation of the Growth Employment Strategic Paper (GESP) through the development of a comprehensive, effective and adapted framework for this social category. This orientation is justified by the fact that this Plan aims at strengthening the operational capacities of governmental and non-governmental programs and projects, in order to reach more young people and to considerably improve the quality of services offered to them in their ongoing integration.

As a result, the Three-Year "Special Youth" Plan is positioning itself as the hallmark of the Government's irreversible commitment to the promotion and full development of its youth. The importance of this Plan is that it should make it possible to mobilise more young people, to boost their confidence in our republican institutions and especially to showcase to the national and international opinion, the implementation of the commitments of the Head of State.
At the time when this Three-Year “Special Youth” Plan is officially launched with a budgetary allocation of 25 billion CFA Francs for the 2017 financial year, all relevant measures must be taken to effectively achieves the goals thus expressed. That is why a capacity-building seminar was proposed for the teams in charge of government and non-governmental programmes and projects involved in the implementation of the Special Youth Plan.

This seminar will allow all the stakeholders thus identified to have a common vision, to better evaluate expectations related to their activities beyond the goals set out and especially to facilitate the interactions that will take place between them. Undeniably, the programmes and projects concerned belong to various administrations and structures and have been set up for different reasons. In spite of this diversity, there is need to pull these teams together into a collective dynamics whose actions will be both coherent and complementary, thereby enabling the effective, efficient, and swift attainment of the objectives and expectations of young people, of the populations as well as of the Highest Authority with regard to the Three-Year "Special Youth" Plan.

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