Actions taken in the interest of youths in the year 2016, in domain of Civic Education and National Integration.

MINJEC’s actions can be regrouped in 5 main domains as follows:
6- Civic Education and National Integration,
7- The economic promotion of youths,
8- Associative life and youth participation,
9- Volunteerism and
10- Actions emanating from the putting in place of the 3-year Special Youth Plan.

Regarding Civic Education and National Integration, the following activities have been carried out:

- The intensification of the campaign on civic education and national integration through the creation and functioning of 32 440 civic education and national integration clubs in schools universities, quarters and villages throughout the national territory;
- The production and distribution of about 108 150 supporting documents on sensitisation on civic education and national integration (these include copies of the national anthem in both languages, brochures, flyers, posters, banners, T-shirts, didactic materials, stickers…)
- The functioning of local comimttees on civic education and national integration (Regional, Divisional and Sub Divisional), under the supervision of local administrative authorities;
- The training and deployment of 550 Mobile Civic Educators, and pairs educateurs on civic education who carry out sensitisation and mass education activities throughout the national territory (fora, secondary and university games, civic holiday workshops, school resumption workshops, end of year civic workshop) and the deployment of 300 mobile civic educators for the grooming of the population in the Mfoundi and Fako divisions in relation to the Women African Cup of Nations;
- The institution of the communication and information technology on divierse civic education themes discussed on the following main themes: « freedom of expression and associaion » ;« equality before the law » ;« braindrain » ;« free circulation of persons and goods » « knowledge of international institutions » ; « Promotion of the image of Cameroon » ;
- The successful celebration of the golden jubilee of the youth day alongside the cele bration 44th edition of the national day throughout the national territory;
- The sensitisation of the public on road security through operation «school resumption 2016/2017 » ;
- The grooming of youths on civic education and national integration during holidays as well as activities carried out during « Civic Holiday 2016 » in which about 282 000 youths throughout the national territory were involved.

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M. MOUNOUNA FOUTSOU Ministre de la Jeunesse et de l'Education Civique,

accorde une audience ce mercredi 28 septembre 2022 dans la salle de conference du MINJEC,

à l'organisation Mandela Washington Fellows Cameroon Association (MFCA)

Young African Leaders Initiatives (YALI).

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