Actions taken in the interest of youths in the year 2016, in domain of economic promotion of youths.

MINJEC’s actions can be regrouped in 5 main domains as follows:
6- Civic Education and National Integration,
7- The economic promotion of youths,
8- Associative life and youth participation,
9- Volunteerism and
10- Actions emanating from the putting in place of the 3-year Special Youth Plan.

Concerning the economic promotion of youths:
- The organisation of holiday and academic internships for the year 2016;
- The mobilisation and training in entrepreneurship of 2048 youths and the follow-up of 338 previous beneficiaires in the management of their projets through the Support Program for Rral and Urban Youths (PAJER-U);
- The selection and financing of 100 projets of youth of junior entreprises and 900 projets of micro-activities by the National Youth Insertion Fund (FONIJ);
- The construction of 06 Multi Purpose Youth empowerment Centers (CMPJ) and the training of 4 721 youths throughout the national territory for the incubation of youth promoters;
- The installation of junior entreprises in all 10 pilot CMPJs;
- The training of 300 youths in ICTs in the Multi Purpose Youth Empowerment Centers of Madagascar and Mimboman ;
- The training of 100 youths in renewable energy;

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M. MOUNOUNA FOUTSOU Ministre de la Jeunesse et de l'Education Civique,

accorde une audience ce mercredi 28 septembre 2022 dans la salle de conference du MINJEC,

à l'organisation Mandela Washington Fellows Cameroon Association (MFCA)

Young African Leaders Initiatives (YALI).

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