Audience granted to St Paul’s missionary community by the Minjec

The 26th of October 2018, saw an audience granted the St. Paul’s Missionary Community by the MINJEC following instructions from the Prime Ministry Head of Government.

 Minjec Audience commission Saint Paul

The St. Paul’s Missionary Community under the leadership of Rev. Father Pascal BIYIHA BASSONG came to talk about their Missionary Community’s primary mission carried out nationwide.

The St. Paul’s missionary community created in 2015 is aimed at aimed at promoting peace and humanitarian actions. During the audience, both parties dwelled on issues such as;
- The collaboration visit of the Missionary Community on the promotion of peace
- The priority projects of MINJEC in relation to civic education, national integration and other youth related issues.
On taking the floor, Rev. Father Pascal BIYIHA BASSONG prayed for peace while presenting his nine man delegation. He equally appreciated the efforts by the Prime Minister and Head of Government making possible the audience and the eventual collaboration with the government.

The Missionary Community through the leader went ahead to enumerate their different successes carried out since creation. These included; Organization of peace and national symbols under the theme; “Peace and National Unity”, the organization of a conference on “Community Youths for Peace”, and, in 2018, they also organized a conference of peace to seek lasting solutions to the current socio-political crisis plaguing the two English speaking regions of Cameroon.
After the presentation of the different successes of the St. Paul’s Missionary Community, the MINJEC also took time to present the different department and service units of his ministerial department. This was to enable the Missionary Community to from which angle to give or orientate their information whenever need be.

A soul torching is was when the Rev. Father Pascal BIYIHA promised to look for lasting solutions peaceful solutions to the current Anglophone crisis by going down to the field to meet the local and administrative authorities not leaving out the every other stakeholder.
As the audience grew to an end, Minister MOUNOUNA FOUTSOU made it public that, henceforth the St. Paul’s Missionary Community will be one of the resource centers in relation to seeking long lasting solutions to the Anglophone problem and other youth problems.

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