Professional capacities of Officials strengthened
It was during a workshop that brought together 70 participants from the six subdivisions of the South West region on the 16th of June 2021.
Explaining the role of the general inspectorate of programs, teaching and training methodology and equipping officials with necessary tools for the establishment of a favourable working environment are the objectives targeted by this training workshop. Operating at the Limbe Divisional Delegation of Youth Affairs for Fako, the workshop is animated by Victor Elangwe Sakwe, First Assistant Inspector of Programs at the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Civic Education.
The legal framework governing the Inspectorate General of Programs, teaching and training methodology, its Auditorium listening a speechmissions as well as the textes governing Multipurpose Youth Empowerment Centres (MYEC), without leaving out decrees and decisions defining the missions of MYECs all make up insights into the training session. With Youth Affairs and Civic Education Divisional Delegates, Divisional and Sub divisional Multipurpose Youth Empowerment Centre Heads and Regional Service Heads present, the workshop is intented to strengthen their skills on the mastry of their working milieu so as to enable them ameliorate their services and effectively carryout their missions in the field. The subsequent outreach operations are promising.
Eileen Wam Mawein

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