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Program 145: Youth Socioeconomic Integration

Programme 145 aims to promote the socio-economic integration of young people through their training and integration in employment or self-employment. The implementation of the Programme is based on five actions, namely:

  • promoting the social integration of young people;
  • improving public information on youth economic integration initiatives supervised by MINJEC structures;
  • developing youth entrepreneurship supervised by MINJEC structures;
  • improving the employability of young people supervised in MINJEC structures;
  • developing youth supervisory structures.

Services in charge of implementing the Programme include:

At the central level:

–Technical Department;

–Programmes and Projects for youth mobilisation, training, financing and accompaniment of MINJEC;

At the deconcentrated and local level:

–Regional, Divisional and Sub-divisional Delegations of Youth Affairs and Civic Education;

–Multipurpose Youth Empowerment Centres (MYECs);

–National Youth and Sports Centre (CENAJES) Kribi;

–Local Authorities.